Trade Rules
  • No Delayed Refreshes
  • No Zero Sized Frames or Image Sources
  • Clean sites only !
  • No illegal sites (underage,cp, incest,zoo,rape content).
  • Trades below 300/day will be deleted without notice.
  • Your site must have real content.
  • If i don't see any hits from you for the first THREE HOURS i will DELETE the TRADE.
  • No ips or freehosts, you must have your own domain.
  • To start a trade force minimum 25/h otherwise trade will be deleted.
  • No cheat !!! I will see the most detailed and useful cheat logs...
  • No Crappy Traffic from Blind Thumbs.
  • Infringed signups won't be approved.
  • Please provide ICQ number.
  • I prefer sites that have TITS content.
  • Weekly Traffic Rank max value is: 9000000000
    Your site should have lower Alexa Rank value.
    example report is here.

ICQ contact: 166297461
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